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Hi, we are Isatou & Paul and we are on a mission to inspire and empower healthy communities around the world. Bringing Baobab into education & health, delivering amazingly tastey and super-healthy drinks, whilst supporting community development in Africa. We hope you love our delicious drinks!

We met in The Gambia (Isatou’s home country) in 2008, through Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) where Isatou and her family produced similar Baobab drinks on the local market, and when we first dreamt to bring them to UK stores. Now that we have finished travel, work and study we can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!

Gambia Development

vibrant africa

Since 2008 we have led community development projects in The Gambia, in both Education & Health. We have supported rural schools, village development committees and entrepreneurial female co-operatives to develop agricultural gardens to improve income, health and nutrition.

We partner with international charities, non-government organisations (NGO’s) and local community groups. We’ve had a number of successes; a national showcase garden, award winning school gardens, and our latest Mansajang Womens Co-operative project is up and running and is now successfully backed by EU 3-year funding.

We plan for Baotic to be a more sustainable vehicle to continue to lead on these projects, and to empower our communities with far more impact. We commit a miniumum of 10% profit to this work, and we’d like that to be more depending how we grow.

We hope you will continue to join us on our journey!

Supporting Sustainable
Development Goals

  • Economic development
  • Good health and quality education
  • Gender equality

Bringing a taste of Africa to the UK

  • Baobab’s unique exotic sherbety taste.
  • Ethically supplied community wild-harvested fruits.
  • Naturial traditional diet. Evidenced health benefits.

Our Commitment to Community

  • An ethical supply train; empowering women.
  • Leading rural development projects.
  • Providing access to new markets.

Drink Baotic – Dairy Free, High Fibre,Prebiotic

  • Convenient, multivitamin drinks range.
  • Education, advocating and researching gut health.
  • Naturial, Low sugar, low calorie, Zero fat, Vegan.

Community Projects

Kabakama Women's Group

National showcase gardens developing innovative solutions to community agricultural challenges. Empowering womem, training skills, improving income & health.

St Joseph's Girls School

School agriculture projects that turn school gardens into a classroom. Vegetable gardens are an important agricutural  teaching resource, offering improved nutrition for school meals and school income.

Mansajang Co-operative

Entrepreneurial community groups in rural Upper River Region (6), Basse. Improving vegetable production for family and community health and nutritional benefit.

Sekuta School

Supporting some of the most rural schools with development projects, and access to school feeding programs to motivate, inspire and sustain lifelong education & learning.


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