2016 MegaMeterRun             

The MegaMeterRun 2016 fundraiser saw Paul run 10k x 100 times, and funded developing the 2018 Mansajang co-operative garden. This work included fencing to keep out livestock, land preparation, access to quality seeds, business and agricultural training, access to water, the commission of the water well repairs and irrigation, and flood defence systems for the 3 month heavy rainy season (Jun-Aug).

Through our collaboration with the international charity United Purpose we were also able to secure the community group under a further 3 year funded project (starting mid 2018) helping various rural communities to re-introduce highly nutritious forgotten foods (this project focusing on leafy greens), that were traditionally cultivated and consumed as a healthy nutritious part of the diet but have been slowly lost and forgotten over time.

2017 GambiaRiverRun 

In previous years we pulled together many of our running friends across Scotland (largely in Glasgow) and with the help of a few kind friends started to organise free monthly social running events, which became popular for a variety of unique runs in and around the Glasgow area, along rivers and helping to introduce runners to adventurous routes and trail runs.


During our last Gambia visit we took GambiaRiverRun T-shirts to celebrate a running event with Mansajang Youth. Due to a number of local of events taking over the village of that time we had to postpone. This week we have started to receive some photos and video clips, so watch this space… possibly our next blog!

2019 – MegaMeterRun Community Pilot

This year we pilot expanding MegaMeterRun to motivate and inspire UK individuals to get into running consistently throughout the year with challenges such as 50x5k, 100x5k and 100x10k runs. Whilst social media often hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons, it has been a pure joy to see the community (otherwise strangers) come together and inspire each other into health and fitness. Many have openly blogged on the positive impact to their physical and mental health, helping to tackle stress and anxiety and to give purpose and goals to enjoy a healthier life.

#MMRun New for 2020 – With charity partners we are exploring (hopefully under a newly formed charity status) to grow this into 2020.


Most GRR fundraising is currently offline and through membership/t-shirt purchases, however the ambassadors have set up a donation link for Q4 fundraising and donations. We are looking to support a new community group to launch a new garden in early 2020, and we would love for you to consider a kind donation to help keep this work alive…

Total Online & Offline raised this year so far = £1,900

Please Donate Now –

Thank You

To everyone that’s supported and continues to support, a HUGE thank you.

We can never achieve any of this without you.

Paul & Isatou

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