The last few months have been overwhelming. Our mission to inspire and empower healthy communities around the world came under attack with Covid-19. Most of our planned projects in the Gambia to help disadvantaged women and families painfully came to a halt. We’ve also worked so hard to develop an exciting new range of drinks, and investment for the next phase of our growth slowed down and retailer launch discussions fell silent.

The ongoing and most recent death of a black person in America has echoed a hidden cry Paul and I carry within us. Racism for us as a multicultural couple and as ‘business leaders’ is something we see almost everyday.

We have struggled to find our voice. Too many times in the past our voice on these matters has not been heard. We have not yet had the business growth hoped for to give us the platform to truly make the world a better place, but still… we do have a voice.

There is so much guidance out there on how to educate and support this global pandemic of racism and inequality.. My plea is a simple one. If you know a black person today, from work, Uni, the office, on social media or a gang of friends send them a message and checkup on them. It makes a difference for them to be able to speak out and to reassure them that the people they live and work amongst are against racial brutality seen in American and that their lives matter.

Even subtle racism can hold you back, its impact has held us back, bought us to tears, left us awake at night, lead to personal confrontations at work, at university, on the buses, at events, in queues, at communal toilets, at security and airports, in cinemas, in restaurants  at shops, IN EVERY PARTS OF OUR LIVES. In some cases impacting our business and personal relationships. We have fought hard to come out stronger.

Today, don’t be the reason millions have to go to bed fearing for their lives, careers, goals, sanity and aspirations in life. It has been incredible to see all your messages and posts standing up for something bigger than ourselves, something great, something courageous, something for a better more united future!


Much love & stay safe
Isatou & Paul xx

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