Healthy Baobab Fruit  Popsicles

Healthy Baobab Fruit Popsicles

Overview: Serves: 8 Ingredients: Fruit of choice (strawberries, banana, mango, peach) – 100g Greek style yoghurt – 100g Baobab powder – 10g Sweetener of choice ( if not using banana)     Method: Blend your fruit mix with yoghurt, baobab and...
Baobab Banana Porridge

Baobab Banana Porridge

Overview: Serves: 5 Ingredients: rolled oats/instant porridge oats – 40g (5 tbsp) Water/milk 200 ml (1 cup) Yogurt 70g (3 tbsp) Baobab powder 10g (1tbsp) Milled flax or chia seeds 5g (1tsp) Sweetener of choice; eg. Agave syrup, coconut nectar Toppings of choice;...
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