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We are really pleased to be able to officially announce our support and sponsorship for Yiannis Chrisodoulou, GB Team International Aquathlete & Team Captain (AG). Yiannis is one of our chosen amateur athletes this year, who makes a perfect ambassador to the Baotic brand.

With Baotic’s mission to inspire and empower healthy communities around the world, Yiannis is an athlete, and person, that perfectly reflects and embodies our values. We have been personal friends for a year or so through social media, with similar interests in running, and motivating health and fitness in others, and it helps that he enjoys our healthy drinks.

Since starting to run in 2012 a week after the Olympic games, and competing in Aquathlons since 2015,  Yiannis has undertaken a huge amount alongside his own racing commitments (training 15 hours a week) to support, motivate and inspire others. This include the younger generation in his local communities, as well as many other amateur runners during events and online through social media. For anyone that follows him, you will know Yiannis’s positivity is contagious.

Having also been a strong ambassador in helping the launch of our healthy MegaMeterRun running and fundraising initiative, and taking part in the 100x10k challenge category himself, we are delighted to more formally be able to support his own journey. Amateur athletes do not receive funding, and typically have the challenge to self fund or rely on small possible sponsorship’s just to be enable to train and turn up to races throughout the country. But equally, as with Yiannis, many are putting on the GB jersey and representing their nation, so its an honor for us to be able to support that in some small way also.

????????GB International Aquathlete & Team Captain (AG)

????2018 National Aquathlon Champion (AG)

????2016 European Championships 3rd (AG)


Launching Baotic Baobab health products, our background prior to this socially driven business is reflected in 10 years supporting health and nutrition projects and co-operative agriculture start-ups in rural Gambia. Our continued innovation of healthy Baobab and prebiotic drinks in the UK are designed to meet some of the many modern challenges in our diet, and our running initiatives are designed to support healthy lifestyles. One of those has been the pilot of MegaMeterRun, which we hope will continue to grow with its own Charity Status.

As a young start-up, we have been super cautious to engage in ‘ambassador’ and ‘influencer’ led programs that can quickly become more of a selling tool to push products, as that is not what we are about. What is perfect with our relationship with Yiannis, is that we are able to focus on supporting his journey, and measure the success of the partnership in our reach to motivate and inspire other runners, cyclists, aquathlon and tri-athletes.

So give Yiannis a follow, support his motivational journey and if you run yourself consider joining our emerging MegaMeterRun running and fundraiser community, and take on one of the 50x5k, 100x5k, and 100x10k challenges, all for an amazing cause!

Life’s a balance.

Stay healthy, happy and helpful!

Paul and Isatou
Drink Baotic

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