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Latest research suggests that improving your GUT bacteria could help you unlock your next PB, as well as improve your digestive health, and help you fight off disease.

GambiaRiverRun enjoying Baotic v1 after a long distance trail run

At Drink Baotic since 2008 we have had a vision for a healthy product to support this space, so over the past 18 months we have been partnering with, learning from and following a number of universities, nutritionists and published researchers in this field, as we develop our healthy drink start-up. Here is what we have learnt…

Gut health is a fast growing, emerging field of study. Specifically for runners the latest research shows a healthy gut can have some fascinating benefits:

  • Settle that unsettled stomach – during running, and everyday life (a must!)
  • Improved energy expenditure and overall running performance (Yes please!)
  • Improve endurance, and reduced time to exhaustion (ultra-runners!)
  • Antioxidant response and inflammatory response (reduced swelling!)
  • Improved hydration and metabolism during runs (Why not!)


Get gusty

Trust your GUT instinct!

But first, in this complicated area of research lets first understand some of the many supporting technical terms and what they all mean…

Micro-biome – There are over a 100 trillion microbes living in your gut, including over 500 unique species that make up over 90% of the body’s cells (Dr Tim Spector, UK Gut Research Project, Kings College London). We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Collectively these bacteria form your body’s microbiome.

PRO-biotic – are live bacteria and yeasts promoted as having health benefits. Probiotic products attempt to put healthy bacteria into your gut to improve your microbiome. However there are so many different types of bacteria, and each individual is different. Research also suggests that passing through the heat in you gut renders them largely inefficient.

PRE-biotic – are a natural fibre, and a special form of complex carbohydrate that feed and help multiply the number of healthy bacteria already in your gut. Foods rich in prebiotics include asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, bananas, oatmeal, and legumes. (Source: And of course Baobab and Drink Baotic!

Soluble fibre – This fibre binds with the bad LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in the intestinal tract and helps rid the body of it, helping to reduce overall cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. It is also linked to diabetes and obesity. 7-13g soluble fibre is recommended a day (Academy of nutrition and dietetics). Foods rich in this type of fibre include oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries. And of course Baobab and Drink Baotic!

Insoluble fibre – bulks up stools and makes waste move through the digestive tract more quickly, which is better for the gut and can help to prevent constipation. This fibre keeps your intestine and colon functioning properly. Found in the seeds and skins of fruit (so always eat your peels) as well as whole-wheat bread and brown rice. And of course Baobab and Drink Baotic!
So now we all understand the terminology, lets learn how it can affect you the person.

Baotic sponsored Gambia River Run: Milngavie trail run 2017

Gut Health Not Sexy Enough?

When we first started developing Baotic in 2015 we were cautiously aware that discussing ‘Gut Health’ and ‘bowel movement, is not a sexy topic, but believing in its importance our vision means this is one that we are keen to tackle head on!

A compelling picture starts to emerges from increasing research across the globe (, and A common highlight is that encouraging diverse healthy growth (PRE-biotics) can be far more effective than PRO-biotics, by providing ‘food’ for gut bacteria and helping to multiply the healthy bacteria already in your system.

That’s why we are proud that our new Baotic drinks have the approximate equivalent to 2 Weet-a-bix worth of fibre, keeping you fuller for longer. More than that, they are unique in having Soluble and Insoluble Fibre. As a PRE-biotic this healthy blend of diverse fibre can also help reach your daily fibre goals improving your microbiome.

Baotic: New PRE-BIOTIC Product Range

Here are a few fibre-diet tips:

  • Increase fibre intake slowly – just like upping your weekly running millage ????
  • Life’s a balance, try add a variety of fibres (soluble AND insoluble helps!)
  • Water & Fibre – As you ‘up’ your fibre also stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • Don’t be shy! Adding Fibre can create initial ‘flatulence’ as your body adjusts.
  • Keep fit – Exercise also contributes. It’s a vicious circle – so keep on running ????
  • Diversity wins! Also consider: wholemeal grainy breads, pulses, lentils, beans, chickpeas, brown rice, potato skins and certain fruits can also help.
  • Don’t just take our word for it – read on and find out how all this will help you achieve your next gain in your running…

Read more about our Lets Get Gutsy Campaign – to turn an ugly subject into a healthy one!

Read Part 2 of this post “Fibre the real Super Hero – Achieving PB“.

Thanks for reading! Stay Healthy, Happy, and Helpful!

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Paul & Isatou


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