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If you do not know of this celebration. If you are one of the people’s flying the buntings and flags for the end of WW2 and do not do the same for June 19th. Or if somehow you belittle it in your minds because it is not widely celebrated, there lies a problem.

The end of WW2 is a celebration for global peace, good over evil, greater equality for mankind. It was fighting evil abroad and demanding rights at home. All those great things our grandparents bravely stood up and fought for, and sacrificed for.

JUNETEENTH, June 19th, is a celebration for the official freeing of the last US slaves in Texas (2 years after it was officially made law by Lincoln.. 2 years later!) and ending a 400 year period (400 years!!!) of transatlantic slavery – in which UK, ERUOPE and the US built their wealth from, and many of us continue to benefit from the privilege today!

For some of those confused voices out there… next time you jump to accuse, downplay or argue against a protester against racism make it be known they are bravely standing up to defend the same great values our grandparents fought for. Do not stand on your privileged pedestal aiming slings and arrows at those that stand for equality.. for what have we become?
Do not make this about yourselves. Sometimes its good to shut up and listen and learn,, and let’s come together with mutual respect for what is so clearly right, and so clearly needed in the world right now. Healing.

Did you know in the UK there are over 600 recommendations from previous commissions on race equality between 2010 and 2020, which havn’t been implemented and there are no published plans to do so from the government.

The government instead appointed Munira Miraz to head the commissions. She has previously called anti racism a “neuroses”, written that “institutional racism is a myth”, “the UK has no problem with racism”, and that “race equality fosters victimhood”.

Even the former Tory party chair has said “the commission was designed to be a whitewash” and that “they will find the answer they want to hear – there is no such thing as racism”

What is the answer you want to hear?

Over in the US, unsurprisingly Trump set his Tulsa rally on this very date June 19th, the same place of the Tulsa race massacre just to rub salt into the wound. Insensitivity and political dominance at its worse. Join the dots.

Do not question the brave that stand up among us, but listen to them and try to understand. Instead question your leaders and those you voted into power, and do not let their own inadequacies, bias, and often dam right warped views of the world to continue to indoctrinate and brainwash our minds against each other.

JUNETEENTH is a celebration of life, it’s a celebration of freedom and a respect to the past.
All but 4 states in the US now mark the day in some way. New York has now rightly declared it an official holiday. The UK was hugely complicit in the slave trade and yet we barely hear a mention. It’s not something that is taught in school and yet we hear “do not delete our history”… let’s practice what we preach and take the time to learn and celebrate the truth behind History, and not just what makes us feel comfortable or what fits our own narrative.

We continue to learn and we continue to feel better for it. Join us.

Stand for the ending of WW2.
Stand for the ending of slavery.
Stand for the ending of racism.

Stand against division.
Stand together.
Stand as one.



Isatou & Paul


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