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Original Baobab

Hi, I’m Baotic Original, the native Baobab version in its purest sense. That’s me. I showcase the true taste-bud tingling zest of the super Baobab fruit (my hero!), and I pack quite a zing! I’m high in multivitamins and fibre, beneficial for regular daily intake, and help you stay fuller for longer so a small, easy, convenient pouch packing an enormous impact. Enjoy!


Original baobab

Baobab & Orange

Hi, I’m Baotic Baobab & Orange, the refreshing citrussy drink with a zingy baobab kick! I’m high in Vitamin C, with more natural multivitamins. My high fibre will help keep you fuller for longer compared to your normal breakfast juice. Chuck me in your bag, and have me as you please! I’m a small, convenient pouch packing an enormous punch. Enjoy!


Orange baobab gallery image

Baobab & Banana

Hi, I’m Baobab & Banana, the high energy Baotic, with my super sherbety kick! I’m a super smooth blend, improved banana consistency with an additional health boost through my superhero superfruit – Baobab.. I’m super convenient multivitamin for the super active or super sporty and can be easily taken with you to be supped on the go! Enjoy!


Banana baobab

Baobab & Strawberry

Hi, I’m Baobab & Strawberry the Berry Baotic. I’m also low in sugar with sweet summery strawberry notes and my sharp sherbety kick! I’m a super convenient, fruity, smooth blend with multivitamins on the go! I add something a little extra to your ordinary very berry drinks. Enjoy!


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