Baobab Powder (250g): +1 Free Drink + Gifts (Save £13 Monthly)


INCLUDES: A Baobab Tree planted in your name!

Promotional 250g Pack (Value: £23+):

  • 250g Boabab Powder Pack per month
  • Plus 1 Freebie Drink on us each month
  • Gift – 3 Months – Free Baobab Bonsai Seeds
  • Gift – 6 Months – Gambian Baobab Tree Certificate
  • Environmental Biodegradable Packaging
  • Free Baobab Recipe per Month
  • Free Delivery Each Month
  • Simple. Easy. Healthy. Yum!
  • £10 a Month Subscription
Subscription Model: Monthly
Time period: Month(s)

Product you will get:

Month 1
Organic Baobab Powder
Month 2
Organic Baobab Powder
Month 3
Baobab Seeds
Organic Baobab Powder
Month 4
Organic Baobab Powder
Month 5
Organic Baobab Powder
Month 6
Plant a Baobab Tree In The Gambia (+Certificate)
Organic Baobab Powder
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Monthly Subscription – Baobab 250g Powder

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Natural & Organic Baobab Fruit Powder.

Ideal as a smoothie booster, or to add to your own food and drink. Perfect sprinkled or mixed onto porridge, yoghurt cereals and oats. Works well in marinades, ice creams, cakes, snacks and salads. Or simply add to your smoothies, juices and drinks and make to your preference.

  1. Helps add flavour, a delicious citrus kick.
  2. Helps for daily vitamin & minerals (High Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium)
  3. Help provide soluble AND insoluble Fibre, beneficial for a healthy digestive system.

Recommended daily serving 5g. Each 250g pack provides 50 servings so will go a long way. Or simple add a tea spoon or two to your preference.

See our DELICIOUS recipes, for an easy guide to cook, bake, chill, blend and serve for your own healthy lifestyle, or to share with family and friends.

Plant a Baobab Tree In Your Name!

After 3 months loyal custom we reward you with a free pack of Baobab seeds to grow your own mini Baobab tree, bonsai style, in your own home. Also makes the perfect gift.

After 6 months we reward you by planting a sustainable Baobab tree in rural Gambia, working with one of our female co-operatives and mother clubs. Help to build, protect and maintain sustainable communities that can provide for future generations to come.


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