Ocado Launch

We are delighted to officially announce our ‘Ocado Launch’ now that our Baobab & Banana and Baobab & Strawberry smoothie drinks are now available on Ocado, as our first ‘national retailer’ – wohoooooo! This is a momentous stage in our startup journey, and with a lot of hard work ahead is a great step forward to keep us motivated on our mission ‘to inspire and empower healthy communities around the world’.

Health and convenience are cornerstone elements to our products and the great news is that it also helps many of our amazing UK customers to sock up with our healthy low sugar, high fibre, multivitamin drinks as part of your shopping conveniently online. Ocado reflects the premium, quality positioning of our product.


Ocado: Baobab Smoothie Drinks

Above all its beautiful to see our first few positive reviews come in, which is the fastest way to help us grow right now- Thank you! We hope that we can continue to satisfy and delight with our healthy range of filling Baobab smoothie drinks, convenient for on the go. Its amazing to see this continued to be reflected in our customers eyes.

Why chose Baotic:

  •  100% Natural. Plantbased.
  •  Delicious – New improved flavours
  •  Low sugar (& no added sugar)
  •  Low calories (less than 32) and Zero Fat
  •  Gut Friendly: High soluble AND insoluble fibre
  •  Keeping you fuller for longer, craving free
  •  Multivitamins & Electrolytes (energy & recovery)
  •  Supporting female cooperative in Africa

New to Ocado?

If your on Ocado (or know someone that is and might like to try?), please check them out!

Check their delivery routes, and you can get 30% off your first order. Once stocking up on your Baotic drinks, we would love for you to consider leaving us a review, and a big thanks for all your continued service.

We are busy working away on a number of exciting initiatives, which we hope will continue to make healthy, happy, and helpful  products, we can deliver to you conveniently. Thanks again for being apart of this crazy journey with us, every step along the way!

Isatou and Paul,

Drink Baotic


You can now buy our delicious Baobab & Strawberry, and Baobab & Banana drinks on Ocado


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