Supporting Somita Women’s Group Through COVID-19

Along with an amazing 117 signed up runners to the MegaMeterRun challenge, we have been looking at one of the village communities in our network to work more closely with through 2020.

Before COVID-19 a number of village community meetings were taking place and we were excited to be supporting 10 communities to launch an innovative ancient-grain growing project. We had an international manufacturing partner lined up that was committed to purchasing 100% of their produce (some of which would be used in our upcoming healthy product lines) and steps were being taken to source and provide high quality seed.












Unfortunately, as with so much at the moment, COVID has put a halt to that. Our primary concern is for the communities to be able to continue to sustain themselves as the economic impact of covid provides as much fear as the virus itself.

Somita Women’s Group Support

One community we are close to is the village of Somita, on the south bank of the river, much closer to the capital than our work normally involves. We featured them in our 2018 photo gallery of visits.

Somita women’s garden have a number of strengths in their organisation, and developments to date, but they have a major challenge with poor fencing to protect from cattle, and water with high manual intensive processes also restricting their output, and impacting quality of life.

With the outbreak of COVID, we have been able to launch a £850 / D50,000 contribution (from our amazing MMRunners) which has seen Somita repair and fill the fencing with strong metal wire chain link and cemented posts. This will protect against the livestock and cattle, and maintain the health and commitment of the co-operative as a whole.







As part of our wider sustainability give back model, we have also funded the start of their own Baobab tree nursery, which will support the future sustainability of trees near the village to support future generations to come.





We hope to continue to work with Somita to find other sustainable ways the community can remain resilient through these testing times.

To our hugely inspiring Mega Meter Run community, and all the customers that continue to purchase from us and support us as a small business, THANK YOU!

Look after each other, and as always…. Stay healthy, happy and helpful!

Team Baotic

Isatou & Paul

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