We are delighted to officially announce the launch of MegaMeterRun 2019, building on the 2016 MegaMeterRun, which raised £5,000 for community development projects in rural Gambia.

Virtual Fun Run – megameterrun from @notreallyltd on Vimeo.

Baotic’s mission is to inspire and empower healthy communities around the world, supporting healthy, happy and helpful lives. So in addition to our healthy drinks, and Gambia health projects we found it a perfect fit to relaunch the MegaMeterRun challenge and open it up to the wider community to inspire and motivate healthy running along the way.


The #MMRun Community

As a pilot year, we are pleased to announce that we have our first runners signed up from all over the UK, and others joining in from Europe, New Zealand, Canada and USA. More importantly, the community has wonderfully reflected our values, motivating and inspiring each other as they go.



Paul will be taking on the 100x10k challenge, and Isatou new to running has taken on the 50x5k challenge, although the way Isatou has started she is likely to hit the 100 mark by the end of the year (and may even set her sights on the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon).

#MMRun Goals

The challenge targets raising £5,000 to £10,000 in 2019, to fund 2-4 community co-operative vegetable gardens, improving income, health and nutrition. The funding will come from a mix of registration fees, donations and sponsorships, so the good news is that all those runners signed up have already helped!

Our end of 2018 Gambia Tour has engaged a couple of key communities that we plan to work with, and a visit towards the end of 2019 will finalise the project plans. A few typical intervention examples:

  • New Garden Launch: £2000 – £3000 – Establish a new phase 1 garden (cattle protecting fencing, access to quality seeds, co-operative formation, agricultural training, simple water access) – Supporting 100 women, growing to 300-400 after  2 years.
  • Repair / Upgrade local Garden: £1000 to £1500 – Improving or reviving a local garden (new water well, fencing repair, business/agriculture training).
  • Solar Garden: £4,000 Includes New Launch (1.) and Solar or a £1,000 supplement to an existing garden to install solar for innovative water technology, reduce the labour intensity, and improve the quality and quantity yield of each 3 annual harvests.

Put simply, the more we raise, the more we can do.

How to get involved?

It’s a £32 signup cost (similar to a race), gets you your free technical T-shirt, run planner and goody bag (including Baotic drinks!), lasts the entire year tying all of your 2019 runs together in one inspiring and motivating challenge.

Participants can chose to target 50x5k, 100x5k or 100x10k throughout the year and have a motivating community online to support you along the way!

The longer term plans are to complete the registration of our Charity Foundation, that will receive and manage the Baotic contributions per sale, all under its own separate legal entity as a registered UK Charity. This will also manage the fundraising initiatives such as MegaMeterRun, with Baotic continuing to sponsor and support its marketing, recruitment and runner rewards.

You can purchase a T-shirt, or join this amazing community of runners online at or Sign up Now!

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